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Join the SSTC ALUMNI Association

Why should you become a member?

Certainly, here are the key reasons why students from Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College (SSTC) should join the SSTC Alumni Association:

  1. Networking: Connect with fellow alumni for career opportunities and collaboration.

  2. Stay Informed: Stay updated on college developments and educational trends.

  3. Give Back: Support the college through fundraising and volunteering.

  4. Professional Growth: Access workshops and events for career advancement.

  5. Mentorship: Provide guidance to current SSTC students.

  6. Reconnect: Reunite with old classmates and friends.

  7. Community: Join a supportive alumni network.

  8. Pride and Legacy: Contribute to SSTC’s reputation and legacy.

  9. Access Resources: Enjoy exclusive access to educational resources.

  10. Continuing Education: Opportunities for lifelong learning.

Joining the Alumni Association offers personal and professional benefits while helping SSTC thrive.