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The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a degree program designed for individuals who aspire to become teachers. It provides students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to pursue a career in education. Here's a summary of the key points about the Bachelor of Education program:

Program Duration: The B.Ed. program typically spans four years of full-time and five years part-time study.

Admission Requirements: Prospective students usually need to meet specific academic criteria, with five (5) CXC/GCE subjects, including Mathematics and English, at the General Profiiency Level I, II, III.

Specializations: B.Ed. programs often offer various specializations, allowing students to focus on specific subjects or age groups. Common specializations include primary education, secondary education, special education, early childhood education, and subject-specific teaching fields like mathematics, science, or languages.

Curriculum: The B.Ed. curriculum includes a combination of theoretical coursework, practical training, and field experiences. Students learn about educational theories, pedagogy, curriculum development, assessment methods, classroom management, educational psychology, and instructional technology.

Practicum/Teaching Practice: A significant component of the B.Ed. program is the practicum or teaching practice, where students have the opportunity to observe and teach in real classroom settings under the supervision of experienced teachers. This practical experience helps develop teaching skills and provides valuable insights into the teaching profession.

Professional Development: B.Ed. programs focus on the holistic development of future educators. They aim to nurture qualities such as effective communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, cultural sensitivity, and leadership abilities. Students also gain an understanding of ethical considerations and the importance of lifelong learning.


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At the SSTC Teacher College, we understand the financial challenges that students may face while pursuing their education. Therefore, we offer a range of scholarships and financial aid options to support our students. Here's a brief overview:
1. Work-Study programmes
2. Scholarships
3. Grants
4. Student Loan