Word from the Principal.

Service, commitment, excellence is the motto that throbs and harmonizes all that we do here at Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College. Our motto informs, inspires and impacts by setting the tone, guiding our actions and motivating us to be consistent in our journey to excellence.


As team leader I am always conscious that being a principal is more action than position oriented. Being action oriented requires me to build on and cultivate legacies of collaboration and service. Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College lives and inspires service through calendar events such as Lunch Sacrifice and Love Feast. These events situate Sam Sharpe Teachers College as an institution within a community, offering service to communities such as the golden age homes, residents of Granville and neighbouring communities.


As a college we believe that it is our civic duty to live education as a process of engendering quality, equality of educational opportunities and equity. Thus we model our commitment to nurturing good interpersonal relationships as we prepare our students for unselfish service in the education of our nation. Therefore lecturers and students have been collaborating with schools to empower teachers in the use of Music to ignite and fuel students’ passion for learning. Individual departments also collaborate with cooperating schools in order to improve competencies in Physical Education, Spanish and Literacy. Furthermore we have forged an alliance with the Caribbean Maritime Institute to facilitate greater access to maritime related programmes by students in Western Jamaica.


Excellence is a journey. It is a visionary journey of hope, dedication, service and commitment. Sam Sharpe Teachers College welcomes you, the potential candidate who feels called to duty in nation building and procuring an enviable future for yourself locally and globally.

Interim Principal Dr. Lorna Gow-Morrison