Covid19 Updates from the SSTC's Nurse's Desk (Ep7)

The number of covid19 cases is climbing and hospitals are seeing many more cases. In fact, the news has reported that hospitals are running out of bed spaces due to the influx of covid19 cases and must be making adjustments. If the numbers continue to climb, they will not be able to cope.  With the cases increasing rapidly and the death rate now at 21, we must make lifestyle changes to ensure that we stay covid19 free.

There are places and activities that are high risk and must be avoided as much as possible, although they may appease our psychological and social appetites. These include bars, churches, clubs, gyms and beaches. With these restrictions, we should find other creative and safe ways to satisfy our desires. There are numerous online services that you may tune in to on your day of      worship. To create the same atmosphere, get up, dress up and show up...

Covid19 Updates from the SSTC's Nurse's Desk (Ep6))

The country is experiencing the second wave of Covid19 and the numbers are climbing very high, very fast. Should we be concerned? Yes!

As at August 13, 2020 we have 14 deaths, 1047 cases, recoveries are 753, with 219 active cases. There are 76 local cases that are not epidemiologically linked. This means that they are yet to establish the source of transmission of these cases.  

We must be vigilant with the protocols set out by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. Wash and sanitize hands frequently, wear your mask and maintain six feet of physical distance from other individuals. Remember that some persons are asymptomatic.  Your relatives and friends may not be Covid19-free. In fact, you may be asymptomatic but still become a source of transmission yourself. 

We must let these established protocols become a way of life. In the same way we brush our teeth, shower and clean our surroundings w...