Covid19 Updates from the SSTC's Nurse's Desk (Ep6))

The country is experiencing the second wave of Covid19 and the numbers are climbing very high, very fast. Should we be concerned? Yes!

As at August 13, 2020 we have 14 deaths, 1047 cases, recoveries are 753, with 219 active cases. There are 76 local cases that are not epidemiologically linked. This means that they are yet to establish the source of transmission of these cases.  

We must be vigilant with the protocols set out by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. Wash and sanitize hands frequently, wear your mask and maintain six feet of physical distance from other individuals. Remember that some persons are asymptomatic.  Your relatives and friends may not be Covid19-free. In fact, you may be asymptomatic but still become a source of transmission yourself. 

We must let these established protocols become a way of life. In the same way we brush our teeth, shower and clean our surroundings we should wear our masks, sanitize and keep physical distance daily. We do not leave home without our fare or our shoes, so we should carry our face covering and a bottle of sanitizer with us daily. Stash mask/face covering and a small bottle of hand sanitizer in multiple places for example at home, in your handbag and in your motor vehicle.

Sometimes we have to remind others about the physical distancing. Because it is our culture to stand close in line for the cashier and other services, the person behind you might step up too close. You may need to just give the person a gentle reminder to observe the physical distancing. We have to be our brother’s keeper.

As we prepare to start the new school year, we should make our safety and that of our children our responsibility. If you are a student or staff, ensure that things are in place for your safety.  Classrooms and offices should be well ventilated, hand washing and sanitizing stations should be in place and signage available to educate and inform. 

Covid19 is not gone, it is here and increasing daily. Stay home when it is not an essential service that you have to perform.  You might also be tempted to visit relatives and friends you have not seen in a while but avoid visiting and hugging of family and friends. Avoid group settings including parties and other festivities, bars, gym and sadly churches.

# your health is your responsibility.  

Althea Dillon-Scott  (Nurse)

 August 13, 2020