Covid19 Updates from the SSTC's Nurse's Desk (Ep 4))

Returning to work after “Stay at home” order

As at May 27, 2020, there are 564 confirmed cases of Covid19 in Jamaica. Our imported cases have risen to 65, following the repatriation of many Jamaican cruise ship workers from overseas. Many persons are scared. The Jamaican borders had been closed after the first few cases and an entire community quarantined in the earlier phases of the pandemic. Now, we are on the verge of reopening our country and thinking of opening our borders with the number at 564.

Don’t be overly worried. Bear in mind that of the 564 cases, 267 have recovered.  This represents an almost 50% recovery rate. The remaining 288 active cases range from asymptomatic to mild symptoms. These cases are in isolation and are being monitored. As of today we have recorded 1 critical case and 9 fatalities. It should be noted that majority of the cases are confined to a specific demographic location, St Catherine and Kingston & St Andrew.

The capacity for testing has improved exponentially.  Our health teams are following WHO guidelines. They have been testing, isolating, and doing contact tracing for all the cases. This method is geared towards reducing the spread of the virus. We must do our part by wearing our masks in public, washing our hands frequently or sanitizing them when washing is not possible. We must clean our surroundings with disinfectant, and most importantly, practice social distancing. We should boost our immune system by practising proper nutrition.

The institution will be following protocols also. There are sanitization stations and an increased number of wash stations on campus. There will be temperature checks and sanitizing at the entrance, along with other methods to reduce the spread of the virus.

Together we can fight this virus. If each person does his or her part, we can accelerate the recovery rate, lessen the spread and ultimately reach the goal of being Covid-19 free.

#Stay safe

Althea Dillon-Scott  (Nurse)

May 27, 2020