Covid19 Updates From the SSTC Nurse’s Desk SSTC (Ep 3)

In the public domain and among the medical experts, several preventative methods regarding Covid-19 have been touted. These include social distancing, wearing face covering, hand washing and other hygienic measures. But the question is, what if one contracts the dreaded disease Covid-19? Is this a death sentence?

The sad truth is, there is NO vaccine, cure or standardized treatment. Experts believe that the production of a drug/vaccine with efficacy is 18 to 24 months away, under the best conditions. History has shown that the development of drugs normally takes a much longer period than the proposed time frame mentioned.

Where are we now?

Several stories have been circulating regarding the treatment for Covid-19. These include using drugs like hydroxychloroquine, a mystery drug from Cuba and even disinfectant and UV rays.  According to Dr Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institution of Allergies and infectious disease, the drug Remdesivir which was produced for the treatment of    Ebola, has shown some potential in the fight against Covid-19 in reducing the recovery time. Another researcher stated that adequate vitamin D (which is made by exposure to the sun) is also critical in the fight of the virus.  These assertions,      however, have not yet been fully validated.


Some symptoms of Covid-19, if you are not asymptomatic include fever, coughing, tiredness, headache and shortness of breath (generally, flu-like symptoms) and blood clotting. The best that can be done for now is to identify and treat the symptoms that present themselves. Therefore for fever, cetamol/panadol is used, a decongestant for coughing and aspirin for blood clotting. Don’t forget our Jamaican homemade remedies for boosting our immune system. These include a ginger, garlic, onion and honey concoction. Popular Jamaican herbs such as fever grass, leaf of life and orange peel also come to mind. Another method is steaming (that is inhalation of hot steam) with some of the above mentioned herbs.

We must do what is necessary in the fight against Covid-19. We cannot over- emphasize the wearing of masks, social distancing and staying home. Also, remember to boost your immune system and ensure you have the simple medications for treating your symptoms at home like panadol/cetamol/aspirin and a bottle of decongestant (DPH expectorant). Stock up on your home remedies and continue to take the best care of yourselves and loved ones.

#Stay safe

Althea Dillon-Scott( Nurse)

May 15, 2020