Covid19 Updates from the SSTC Nurse's Desk (Ep8)

The corona virus is now in community spread. This means that persons are contracting the disease and are not able to trace the source. As of November 16, 2020, there are 9929 reported cases, 231 deaths, 5330 recovered cases and 4237 active cases. The western region has 1027 of these active cases.


Covid19 is not over. At this time, we must double up on our precautionary measures as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. As we are not able to trace the source of spread, everyone should be treated as positive, hence, social distance must be maintained between all the persons we encounter. If we are familiar with these persons whether through home or work, we must maintain physical distance and wear our masks. When wearing masks, they must cover your mouth and nose. Corona viruses enter the nose and then go to the throat. Covering the nose only is not protecting you. Wear well -fitting masks so that there is no need for constant adjustment. It is by wearing the mask that we will become accustomed to it. 


Sanitizing and washing our hands frequently with soap and water cannot be over emphasized.  Keep your hands from your face at all times.  The habit of putting your hand to your face is a hard one to break, but it is only by making a conscious effort that we will be able to stop it.


If persons are having symptoms, isolate is key. If you need to go to the doctor, call ahead and let them know you are coming. Inform the doctor of your symptoms. The Emergency Operation Center (EOC) can also be contacted for information on where you can go to get tested. The numbers are 876-940-2617, or  876-952-2512. At present, persons are not being tested unless they are having symptoms.


Many persons are becoming relaxed and are not following the protocols. For us to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we must follow the protocols. The virus can only move because it is being carried from one person to the other person. To keep the rate of spread down we must each do our part and encourage others to do the same.


Our “flu season” is usually from October to February. Also, the deadly dengue virus usually surfaces at this time too. Please ensure that all containers are emptied of water and mosquito breeding sites are destroyed.


I want to encourage you to boost your immune systems by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. Take your vitamin “C” and multivitamins and consume your 6 glasses of water daily.

Also, exercise, get adequate rest and sleep and eat your balance diet each day.


# staysafe #Protectyourselfandothersfromgettingsick #wearyourmask #sanitize.


Althea Dillon-Scott


November 16, 2020