Covid19 Updates from the SSTC's Nurse's Desk (Ep7)

The number of covid19 cases is climbing and hospitals are seeing many more cases. In fact, the news has reported that hospitals are running out of bed spaces due to the influx of covid19 cases and must be making adjustments. If the numbers continue to climb, they will not be able to cope.  With the cases increasing rapidly and the death rate now at 21, we must make lifestyle changes to ensure that we stay covid19 free.

There are places and activities that are high risk and must be avoided as much as possible, although they may appease our psychological and social appetites. These include bars, churches, clubs, gyms and beaches. With these restrictions, we should find other creative and safe ways to satisfy our desires. There are numerous online services that you may tune in to on your day of      worship. To create the same atmosphere, get up, dress up and show up in your living room. Create an at-home-gym; remember, bottles filled with water and building blocks can be used as weights. Broom handles and staircases can also be used in your exercise regimen. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention.  It is surprising how innovative one can become when a situation arises. Take on some manual work at home that you normally outsource as these can give you a massive cardiovascular workout.  Relaxing in a tub of  water is not the same as going to the beach, but it is just as soothing. Be creative and stay at home.

Jamaica has recorded 2,459 cases of covid19 and 21 deaths.  Effective September 1st there are 1,476 active cases.  These are persons who were tested positive and are either in the hospital or being treated at home. Of this number 14 are moderately ill and 6 are   critically ill. These cases are concentrated mainly in Kingston & St. Andrew, Clarendon, St. Thomas and St. Catherine, but there are cases all over the island.

Everyone needs to behave in a safe, responsible manner; your health is your responsibility. Follow the protocols set out by the Ministry of Health & Wellness so lives can be saved and the number of cases can decrease. The coronavirus cannot move by itself, it can only spread from person to person as they move from place to place.  It cannot be over-emphasized that individuals must wash their hands and/or sanitize them. We must wear our mask appropriately, covering our mouth & nose. It must not be on the forehead or under our chin. It must be washed daily and must be changed as often as is necessary. Maintaining physical distance becomes crucial.

Election day is September 3, a few days away. Voting and other election activities have the potential to spread the virus exponentially.  The predictable post-election jubilation that will follow is also a cause for concern. As you set out to vote, don’t be in a hurry when you go to the polling station, make sure you have time to wait as other persons will be voting too. When you are     hurrying you are likely to overlook the important protocols. If the polling stations are crowded, wait on the outside until the crowd lessens. Keep your physical distance and take care of yourself and other persons. When you are finished voting leave the polling  station.  Follow the protocols as set out by the Ministry of Health and Wellness and by the Electoral Office of Jamaica and stay safe.

Althea Dillon-Scott  (Nurse)

September 1, 2020